Chromixium OS 1.5 发布-模仿 Chrome OS 的系统

Chromixium OS 1.5 发布了,下载地址:Chromixium-1.5-i386.iso (803MB, pkglist).

Chromixium 是一个基于 Ubuntu 的 Linux 发行版。试图重现 Google Chrome OS 的感觉。使用 Openbox 窗口管理器、Plank 停靠栏和 LXDE 的 LXPanel 来提供桌面和菜单。

Chromixium 1.5 i386 desktop


  • Now using the standard Ubuntu (Ubiquity) installer with better language support, hardware detection and support for encrypted home and LVM (see note below).
  • Rolls up Service Pack 1 and all upstream updates (including latest Flash and Chromium updates) into a new ISO
  • Updated Xorg, but kernel remains on long term support 3.13
  • Faster right-click applications menu generation
  • Inclusion of Cardapio menu for a standard dockable menu (find it in the Control Panel and drag it to the dock)
  • File-roller replaces PeaZip for better integration with Files application
  • Lxinput is included for left-handed mouse adjustment
  • A load of key bindings have been integrated to better support hotkeys such as volume adjustment out of the box
  • A new simple GUI to enable autologin has been added
  • New HD wallpapers
  • Support for booting the ISO directly from a hard drive via Grub
  • The revised build process aligns much better with Ubuntu/Lubuntu base
  • Finally, a little command line tool called “chromixium-version” lets you know what version of Chromixium you are running!


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