GIMP 2.8.4 发布 Ubuntu 安装方法

GIMP 2.8.4 已经发布了,GIMP是一款linux下的Photoshop软件,功能强大,新版本主要是重大BUG的修复,这个版本只是 GIMP 只是一个修复版本没有新增功能。
GIMP 2.8.4的变化:

  • Better names for the default filters in save and export
  • Make tool drawing (esp. the brush outline) much more responsive
  • Remember the “maximized” state across sessions
  • Simplify the splash image code a lot, makes it appear immediately again
  • Allow the text tool to start on an image without layers
  • Various fixes for text style attribute handling
  • Set unconfigured input devices to eraser if GTK+ says they are erasers
  • Make libgimp drawable combo boxes aware of layer groups
  • Fix item width in GimpPageSelector (used e.g. in PDF import)
  • Better default values in the Drop Shadow script
  • Fixed bugs in the BMP plug-in
  • Lots of bug fixes and translation updates

在Ubuntu 12.04、12.10 、 13.04中安装GIMP 2.8.4


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

安装 GIMP Plugin Registry 包涵众多插件:

sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry

G’MIC 安装命令:

sudo apt-get install gimp-gmic

源代码及其他系统安装包下载 下载页面.

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