Linux Mint 11 将会于本月底正式发布

Linux Mint 是一个Ubuntu 衍生版本之一。Linux Mint 版本会在发行版中增加用户常用的软件和不需要的软件,还有媒体插件,会省去很多配置工作。官方网站发布的消息是,预计在月中发布一个 RC 版本,最终版将会在月末发布。
  官网发布的 Linux Mint 11 预览图:

  对于期待gnome 3 用户可能会失望了,Linux Mint 11 将继续使用 Gnome 2.32 版本。

  • LibreOffice 替换 做为默认的办公套件

  • Banshee 替换 Rhythmbox 作为默认的音乐播放器

  • gThumb 替换 F-Spot 作为默认的相片管理工具

  • Gwibber 不再默认安装

  • padevchooser, paman, paprefs, pavumeter and pavucontrol 不再默认安装
  • Changes

    The update manager is faster than before and comes with numerous bug fixes. It also features multiple UI improvements.
    The deskstop settings tool is now desktop-agnostic and serves both generic settings (such as the ability to enable/disable fortunes in the terminal) and desktop settings specific to Gnome, KDE, Xfce..etc. In Xfce it will eventually replace mintconfig-xfce and mintdesktop-xfce.
    The software manager looks much more polished. It loads marginally faster and now features a splash screen. Its templates were refined to give the user a much nicer browsing experience. The installation and removal of applications are now simulated before the application screen is shown, allowing the software manager to show precisely how much data is to be downloaded, how much space is required on the hard drive and exactly which packages are to be installed and/or removed.
    Mint-x-theme comes with numerous improvements, bug fixes for Gimp, Banshee, Synaptic, Deluge and round radio buttons.
    A new “apt download” command was introduced which downloads a .deb package locally along with all its dependencies.
    Flash Square runs in native 64-bit while 32-bit users can choose between the stable 10.2 and beta 10.3 plugins and have both installed at the same time, easily switching between them using “update-alternatives”.
    Firefox 4, Chromium and Opera come with an improved mint-search-addon plugin.


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