Cairo Dock 3.2 发布 改进的多屏和支持GNOME Shell

Cairo Dock (原名 Gnome dock) 是一个适用于 Linux 桌面的 Dock 类程序。Cairo Dock 2.0 添加了诸多新特性,包括完全支持 OpenGL、提供新的动画及视觉效果的插件、新的 applet、重写了配置面板、新增了很多主题等等。



Cairo Dock 3.2 的变化:

  • improved multi-screen support: you can now choose the screen for each dock (or all screens), support for desktop names, more;
  • new applets: Screenshot and Indicator-Generic (a plugin to display all the available Ubuntu indicators into the dock; you can define a blacklist if you don’t want some indicators to show up);
  • new Sound Effects plugin which adds sounds to some actions on the icons;
  • better GNOME Shell support (for instance, all windows with the same class are displayed);
  • GDM user switching support;
  • the note taking applet can now work without Tomboy or Gnote;
  • Systemd support (Arch Linux, Fedora, etc.) for session management;
  • icons and overlays should be less blurry;
  • improved most plugins/applets: Application Menu, Clock, Gvfs integration (you can now mount encrypted volumes that require a password, various fixes), Keyboard Indicator, etc.;
  • more!


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins



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