Ubuntu 16.04/15.10/14.04 及衍生系统如何安装 Clementine 1.3

Clementine 是一个开源的、跨平台的音乐播放器,类似 Amarok1.4,提供给用户一个直观和简单的界面。

提供的最新版本是 Clementine 1.3,已发布有些日子了,有很多改进到来。


  • Vk.com支持
  • Seafile支持
  • 添加Ampache兼容性(通过 Subsonic 服务)
  • 添加新解码“Rainbow Dash”
  • Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything
  • 添加“Psychedelic Colour”模式,所有的解析


  • Add left click to fullsize cover on playing widget.
  • Add m4b support for non-drm files.
  • Ignore English articles for library sorting.
  • Improve the organize dialog.
  • Add an option to warn before closing a playlist tab.
  • Add an option to disable the pause notification.
  • Add options to hide some internet services.
  • Add an option to disable inline song metadata editing.
  • Add “details below” and “no details” now playing widget options.
  • Add “no song details” now playing widget option.
  • Add icons to the extras menu.
  • Add a source icon for CD tracks.
  • Allow user to remove directories in the Files tab.
  • Add ability to remove unavailable items from playlist.
  • Add a button to the transcode dialog to add all files in a directory.
  • Make it impossible to collapse either side of the MainWindow splitter.
  • Add menu items for updating and doing a full rescan of Google Drive.
  • Increase Soundcloud cover image size.
  • Add the ability to pause Spotify tracks.
  • Add the ability to add or remove a Spotify track to a Spotify playlist
    through context menu.
  • Add Spotify tracks to Spotify playlists by drag and drop.
  • Add ability to get a link to share Spotify playlists and songs.
  • Improve handling of Spotify Top Tracks and compilations.
  • Add playlist actions to Spotify songs.
  • Add ability to automatically set podcast as listened after successfully
    sending it to a device.
  • Add ability to order podcasts by age.
  • Allow user to download multiple podcasts at the same time.
  • Add ability to cancel podcast downloads in progress.
  • Allow user to hide listened podcast episodes.
  • Huge improvement of the speed at startup.
  • Improve performance of mass rating changes.
  • Improve ripping performance.
  • Persistent cache for pixmaps. Huge improvement of the performance when
    scrolling the library for example.
  • Add AppData file for Clementine (for GNOME and KDE Software Centers).
  • Add iPod-like behaviour to previous button.
  • Add HipHop and Kuduro equalizers.
  • Remember current playlist between restarts.
  • IDv3 tag lyrics support.
  • Scroll to last played track when switching playlists.
  • Add stop after each song repeat mode.
  • Sort discs numerically when using Group by disc.
  • Add ability for sort by group and performer in the library view.
  • Parse the year of a disc from musicbrainz.
  • Add track intro mode.
  • Add ability to add a search term with tab and space in the smart playlist
  • Add love/ban (Last.fm) global shortcuts.
  • Add support for “original year” tags.
  • Send album artist to Last.fm with liblastfm >= 1.0.0.
  • Add sample rate selection.
  • Add option to change the time step when seeking using the keyboard.
  • Playlist sort by album considers disc and track numbers.
  • Add options for double clicking song in the playlist.
  • Volume slider handles glow effect using system theme.
  • Library view sort line themable.
  • Show track durations in the CD ripper dialog.
  • Add ability to read REM DISC tag from Cue sheet.
  • Add ability to lock/unlock rating edit status.
  • Add the support of trackNum elements in XSPF.
  • Add support for inhibiting the screensaver on windows.
  • Add “Smart Playlists” for Subsonic.
  • Add lyrics from AZLyrics.
  • Add lyrics from bollywoodlyrics.com.
  • Add lyrics from hindilyrics.net.
  • Add lyrics from lololyrics.com.
  • Add lyrics from Musixmatch.
  • Add lyrics from Tekstowo.pl.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clementine

卸载 clementine 命令:

sudo apt-get remove clementine

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